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Pre 1

JumpStart Preschool's developmentally appropriate programs aim to enhance a child's emotional, physical, creative and cognitive abilities.


Our thematic programs introduce children to the basics of math, science, computer, art, music and physical education. 

Students are taught through a bilingual program where both Arabic and English are of equal importance. Arabic and English days are alternated throughout the week with a specialized teacher for each language. 

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Pre 2

Our Pre 2 program focuses on developing pre-reading, pre-writing and social skills in three to four year-olds, all in a safe and fun learning environment. As part of our language teaching, children are introduced to the alphabets using the accredited Letterland* program. Letterland provides the perfect way to teach letter shape and sound recognition, which lays the foundation for reading.

For our little writers, improving fine motor skills is at the core of our pre-writing program. Children are taught to enjoy writing through essential basics such as tracing and colouring between the lines. Fine motor skills are one of the most important skills our students learn to master in Pre 2.

Curiosity is one of the exciting traits that 3 to 4 year-olds will enhance in our Pre2 Program. Children spend their days discovering and investigating their surroundings with our art, music, drama, science and language curriculum. 

Not forgetting the importance of gross motor skills, our carefully selected play area i s designed to help children master more coordinated activities essential for their physical development.

*For more information on this accredited program, visit

Pre 2







Having fun while learning is what our summer program is all about. Every summer a new theme is applied across all activities from hands-on arts and crafts to music, drama, computer and Taekwondo classes. 

Our "Super Day", which takes place every week, is designed to entertain children through out-of-the-box activities that only add more fun to their summer days at JumpStart Preschool. 

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